New adult education platform launched: €500 state funding for those who want to study

Adults are invited to study and develop their competences on KURSUOK.lt, the new one-stop digital education platform. This is the first adult education platform in Lithuania, where you can choose the training you want and receive state funding.

On this platform, learners can have their own individual accounts and receive funding for studying in the state's priority areas. Digital skills are one of the priority areas, which will receive as much as 50% of the state's funding for the programmes.

State funding will also be used to support the programmes to improve adult digital, literacy, multilingualism, mathematical and science, technology and engineering competences, personal, social and learning to learn competences, as well as citizenship, entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and expression competences.

Adults who choose these priority programmes will be eligible for state funding of up to €500. The funding will be available to working people aged 18-65 who have already obtained a professional qualification or higher education. Foreigners living in Lithuania can also apply for the funding.