Scientific collaboration discussed with Taiwan's National Science and Technology Council

On 21st of September, delegates of the National Science and Technology Council of Taiwan visited the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport to discuss Lithuanian-Taiwanese collaboration in the fields of science and innovation, talent exchange.

The Taiwanese delegation was happy that Lithuania is a friendly country and that the two countries have bonded very strongly over the years. The science and innovation sector of Taiwan is particularly interested in bringing Taiwanese production and businesses to Lithuania, as well as attracting more of Lithuania's young researchers to Taiwanese higher education institutions.

Viceminister Justas Nugaras emphasized that the collaboration of Lithuania and Taiwan is mutually beneficial and has already brought great results in the fields of laser technology, semiconductor technology, and life sciences. During the meeting, it was also suggested that, in the future, the two countries could work together in the field of space technology, the development of which has recently been started in Lithuania.