Open access resources and services

The laboratories, created or renewed implementing valley projects and the laboratories currently dislocated in research and higher education institutions will work on the basis of open access (the resources of laboratories will be accessible for all interested persons from other institutions or business bodies in accordance with the Regulation of Management of Open-Access Centres).

Regulation of Management of Open-Access Centres is applied for the open access centres, which function on the basis of R&D infrastructure, created while implementing Joint Research Programmes, National Integrated Programmes and/or is acquired from other support of the EU structural funds and/or the budget of the Republic of Lithuania.

Regulation of Management of Open-Access Centres defines the following aspects:

  • Principles of formation, management and the manner of use of the resources;
  • Equipment use time ratio between separate subjects, maintenance costs, and the accumulation and investment of the funds received for the use of resources;
  • Indicators of activity effectiveness;
  • Principles of intellectual property protection;
  • Provisions on solving the disputes.

Since Lithuania actively promotes regional cooperation, the suggested links to open-access infrastructures of the Baltic states are the following:

Open R&D Lithuania network is a platform of cooperation between open access R&D centres of 14 Lithuanian Universities, 13 Public Research Institutes as well as 8 Science and Technology parks. All these institutions united their high-level R&D intellectual potential, infrastructure and resources in order to provide scientifically based solutions to the problems raised by business and society. Concentration of resources allows to create new technologies and products as well as provide R&D services and to increase competitiveness of all involved partners.

In order to simplify the access to the information about R&D services  and other available resources was launched  the e-science gateway platform. Using a ‘single point of contact’ principle, R&D information system provides advanced electronic services to help Lithuanian and foreign business undertakings, science and study institutions, researchers and other stakeholders to ensure closer cooperation.

Last updated: 19-12-2021