Lithuanian pupils rank in top 10 in the world for reading skills

Lithuania ranks among the top 10 most successful countries in terms of the reading skills of fourth-graders, according to the results of the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS). Sixty-five countries participated in the study in 2021. Lithuania's performance in this survey was the best in two decades of participation.

Lithuania's score is statistically significantly higher (552 points) than the PIRLS average (500 points).

The best performers were Singapore (587 points), Ireland (577 points), and Hong Kong (573 points).

Northern Ireland (566 points) and England (558 points) were above Lithuania, and Finland (549 points), Poland (549 points), and the USA (548 points) were slightly below.

In Lithuania, girls (563 points) scored statistically significantly higher than boys (542 points), a difference of 21 points.

The minimum level of achievement was reached by 97% of Lithuanian fourth-graders (vs international average of 94%), 86% demonstrated the average level of achievement (vs international average of 75%), 54% were at the high level of achievement (vs international average of 36%) and 14% were at the highest level (vs international average of 7%).

"Lithuanian pupils are equally good at reading both fiction and informational texts. The average score for reading fiction texts is 552 points, with the average score for reading informational texts at 553 points," said Dr. Rita Dukynaitė, a member of the General Assembly of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA).

Pupils' performance is influenced not only by their school, but also by their family environment. In Lithuania, 37% of parents said they liked reading and 16% said they did not. Their children's average scores differed accordingly at 589 and 544 points.

The highest results have been achieved in schools in the capital and other large cities, while the lowest are in schools in areas with fewer than 3,000 inhabitants. The difference between the highest and lowest average scores is 39 points.